We help you drive Process Excellence

Process Excellence

What is a Process Excellence organization?

A Process Excellence organization is one that


  • Delivers on customer expectations regarding quality, timeliness, cost and service
  • Provides safe work environments for its people
  • Aligns processes with strategic goals
  • Defines clear process owners and expectations
  • Engages employees in driving continuous improvement
  • Measures and communicates process results 

Why is Process Excellence so challenging?

This is challenging for many organizations because

  • Management teams underestimate the commitment and effort it takes to sustain Process Excellence
  • Process owners need to drive Process Excellence and ownership has not been clearly defined
  • Where process owners exist, many do not have the time or the skills
  • Managers can get consumed with "fighting fires"
  • It seems easier to delegate process work to IT or consultants

How does Measure by Measure help you close the gap?

Through an ingenious blend of process discipline and experiential learning, we create the leadership commitment and employee engagement required to become a Process Excellence organization. We have found that small investments deliver great rewards. 

Our approach engages your people in energizing your processes through understanding and addressing process gaps. We enable people to own their process and drive excellence.

Our workshops are easily used to launch, renew or sustain Process Excellence. We have successfully improved Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Business Process Management and Management Operating Structure efforts.

We offer customized workshops to train and impart knowledge to your management team and process owners. Two- or three-day simulation-driven workshops accelerate learning and provide a road map for your leaders in addressing process improvement and redesign needs.