Our Expertise



We design and deliver process improvement and redesign workshops that help your management teams build process excellence. 

We have worked with various methodologies to develop simplified approaches, including Six Sigma, Lean, Continuous Improvement and Continual Service Improvement.  

We can build workshops around your existing problem-solving methodology or help you find the right approach to apply to your situation to generate results quickly - project by project...process by process...measure by measure.

Our Leadership


Vicki Wilding

Managing Director 

Measure by Measure Consulting LLC

Vicki has over 25 years of experience in helping clients drive process excellence. She has used Six Sigma, Lean, Continuous Improvement and New Process Design methodologies to help clients enable their people to own and energize their business processes.

Vicki has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including Communications, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Not-For-Profit, Professional Service and Retail. She can quickly understand an organization’s processes and help teams identify what is needed to improve and support those processes to improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve outcomes and build process excellence.

Our Consulting Associates

Measure by Measure Consulting teams with other experienced consultants to build process excellence.

Rudy Burrus


Burrus Associates


Rudy coaches organizations in implementing simple, yet powerful Lean Six Sigma approaches to systematically improve and redesign their business processes.

Jay Fedora


Joseph Jay Fedora LLC

Jay Fedora specializes in developing service and process excellence by tailoring the best of consulting practices into integrated organizational change programs. 

Emily Follman


EF Consulting LLC 


Emily is an experienced project manager, process analyst and facilitator.   


Vicky Mitchell


Independent Business Consultant 

Vicky is experienced in process improvement facilitation and systems implementation and maintenance.